Theatre play

Today, at the READ ON Almada Festival, we had the opportunity to watch the theatre play created to promote our PURE project to children from various schools in the Lisbon/Setúbal district.It is our mission to ensure that science reaches different age groups and it was with this in mind that we created a script about …

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Pure at the Annual Retreat of the BOKU DocSchool BioproEng

PhD student Alexander Zollner from BOKU attended the Annual Retreat of the BOKU DocSchool BioproEng in Steinschaler Dörfl, Austria, between 14th and 16th May 2024. He gave a flash talk about his research in purification of Virus-like particles and won the Poster award with his work about “Chromatography based purification of enveloped virus like particles displaying influenza N2 …

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Bioprocessing Summit Europe

Last week, Cecília Roque attended the Bioprocessing Summit Europe in Barcelona. Cecília presented a lecture about “Design and Discovery of Affinity and Mixed-Mode adsorbents” under the scope of PURE project. Pure PhD student Alexander Zollner was also present at this event. He held a presentation about the switch from resin-to-membrane-based technologies in Downstream processing of …

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PURE General Assembly

On February 26 and 27, the General Assembly meeting of PURE project took place at iBET. We counted with the presence of our partners from Bayreuth University, BOKU and iBET. Many thanks to iBET team for the organization and hospitality.   It’s always good to be able to discuss science in person!

PURE in MicroBiotec

From December 7th-9th, we had the opportunity to attend Microbiotec23 that took place in University of Beira Interior, Covilhã. Cecília Roque presented as keynote speaker the scientific work entitled “Nature inspired solutions in Health Biotechnology. Aditionally, Arménio Barbosa presented the talk ” A molecular modeling perspective on the development of synthetic affinity ligands” and Catarina Domingos the …

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Last month, Margarida Dias present a lecture on October 18th entitled “Biotechnology and its impact in the pharmaceutical industry” at 57º Semana Universitária Paulista de Farmácia e Bioquímica, University of São Paulo (SUPFAB 2023). 

 PURE at the ISPPP

From 5th to 8th of November 2023 PURE member Alexander Zollner and Cecília Roque attended the 42nd International Symposium on the Separation of Proteins, Peptides and Polynucleotides (ISPPP) in Vienna. Alexander gave an insight in his current research in “Chromatography-based purification of enveloped virus-like particles displaying influenza N2 neuraminidase surface antigen for an immunologic study …

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3rd Annual Meeting

The 3rd Annual Meeting of the #Pure_Project was held in @BOKU, Vienna between 27th and 28th September. This exciting opportunity allowed the team to meet , discuss and plan the final year of the project! Many thanks to BOKU team for the organization and hospitality!